Great Deals for Members

We do all we can for our members with things like journey cover, professional indemnity insurance and legal advice. We also like to go the extra mile. From the ANF you’ll also get great deals and discounts on a range of products and services.

Free Professional Development

We make professional development for your career easy and painless. Our online Professional Development Portfolio can help you log CPD hours as well as keep track of any CPD you do through other organisations.

Top 5 Aged Care Employers

See the Top 5 Aged Care facilities for RNs, ENs & AINs at a glance with our great comparison charts! Get to know all about your potential employers, for details login to iFolio here. Not a member yet? Click here .


The Australian Nursing Federation; working hard for registered and enrolled nurses, carers, midwives and nursing students.

What is the ANF?

The number one choice for Nurses in Western Australia.

The largest professional organisation for nurses, midwives and carers in Western Australia that provides legal cover, industrial cover, insurance and a range of other services.


20 Good Reasons to Join the ANF

There are no waiting times and nothing to pay up front. Your ANF cover starts the day you join.


Professional Indemnity Insurance.


A lawyer for Coronial Inquiries, Nurses Board and other tribunals.


A lawyer to check work related statements.


Free Journey Cover insurance for when you are travelling to and from work.


Comprehensive legal advice and legal representation.


Exceptionally low cost holiday accommodation at Margaret River and Kalbarri.


Free access to the ANF iFolio.


Free Continuing Professional Development on iFolio and the ANF iFolio App.


Expert Professional and Industrial advice from the ANF Helpline - simply book an appointment on iFolio or on the ANF iFolio App, and we’ll call you back on your preferred day and time.


The 24-hour / 7 days a week email advisory service also used by thousands of ANF members every year.


Comprehensive industrial representation.


Free Home delivery of The Western Nurse - WA's largest health magazine.


Free professional development courses on a wide range of legal topics.


Free ANF Clinical Reference Cards.


Free monthly competitions with movie tickets, books and DVDs given away.


Free advice and representation on Workers Compensation matters.


Large range of discounts on just about anything.


Reduced premiums on Health Insurance.


Reduced premiums for accident and sickness insurance.


And even more including the popular ANF membership bag!

† Professional Indemnity insurance is now compulsory in accordance with your nursing registration with AHPRA. Members of the ANF in WA are covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance, unless they are working as a self employed nurse or self employed midwife

Please note: Nurses, midwives and carers do not have access to ANF or its legal and industrial services for any incident that occurred before they were financial ANF members or for incidents, issues and matters that arise during any period a member is unfinancial. This allows the ANF to concentrate all its resources on financial ANF members.

Because ANF fees are fully tax deductible, a Registered Nurse or Midwife pays as little as 75 cents a day (60 cents for Enrolled Nurses or Carers) for all these benefits and all this protection!